CRY Ham Logbook is a free Ham Radio logging software which will operate in your browser. CRY Ham Logbook has a full responsive design and can be used on Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones. As it is introduced on this website it has the main focus on SOTA logging. Special functionalities are the importing of ADI files produced by VK port-a-log, from application all QSO can be directly exported to eQSL and QSL gets automatically created. Incoming QSL cards can be imported from eQSL directly including the QSL card graphics which you got. All activations can be exported to a CSV file to upload to There are currently 2 QSL layouts to print your own backside of QSL card, more designs can be added easily.

Currently the application is available in 2 languages (German and English). If you like to help and translate into other language then please contact me.


If you want to install CRY Ham Logbook on your own Webserver then you need Apache Webserver with PHP and MySQL


Under you can find an online demo of CRY Ham Logbook. You can add any data you like to see how it works. You can also check how interaction with eQSL is working but then you need an account on eQSL and you have to make sure you delete your username/password after testing.


Application is NOT available for download. If you wish a copy to install at your own webserver please contact me.

You are using CRY Ham Logbook at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damage of any part of your hardware